McCoy & McCoy Articles Mother Demands Accountability after Bus Accident

Mother Demands Accountability after Bus Accident

By McCoy & McCoy  Dec. 10, 2012 4:32p

The mother of two children that were on a school bus involved in an accident is appalled at how the school handled the incident. The incident happened when a Hartford elementary school bus driver brought the vehicle to a stop and then left the driver's seat to "respond to a disturbance" at the back of the bus according to a representative with the company that runs the bus service. Apparently there had been something going on with some of the kids on the bus that the driver felt he needed to handle. When the driver got up to look into what was happening, however, he forgot to set the parking brake. The bus reportedly rolled backwards and hit a car behind it. None of the children were given any medical check or taken to any kind of medical center at the time of the accident. M.L. only found out that the bus had been involved in a collision when her eight-year-old son called to tell her that the bus had hit another car and that his and his little sister's back hurt. She immediately took them to the hospital and the children are fine but she was shocked that the school violated procedure by not immediately informing the parents that an accident had occurred. The bus company is supposed to tell the school when such an incident occurs so they can inform the parents. M.L. is demanding that an investigation be done and that more action be taken by the school and bus company to ensure such occurrences don't happen in the future by having an additional adult on the bus to watch the kids. Contact a personal injury attorney if you have a bus accident case involving negligence.

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