Lenahan Law Firm Articles Severe Injury and Fatal Traffic Accidents in Texas

Severe Injury and Fatal Traffic Accidents in Texas

By Lenahan Law Firm  Sep. 25, 2013 10:40a

Everyone has heard about them, read about them, or seen the twisted metal results on TV. Some have had friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers who have been involved in them and others have experienced the devastation for themselves. Severe injury and fatal traffic accidents happen all too often on Texas roads and highways, leading to life-changing and life-threatening consequences which can impact the lives of victims for a very long time. They are often the result of driver inattention, distraction, error, or negligence, all of which can form the basis of a personal injury or wrongful death claim or lawsuit.

As an example, a three year-old boy remains the lone survivor of a traffic collision on August 13, 2013 which killed the rest of his family outside Mission, Texas. Those who died included the boy's parents and his three siblings, aged 1, 3, 5, and 6. The accident occurred when the driver of a stolen pickup truck was engaged in a high-speed chase by a Texas Highway Patrol officer. In trying to elude the officer, the 18 year-old driver of the pickup truck crashed into the family's SUV as well as two other cars, causing injuries to their occupants as well. The pickup truck driver fled the scene of the accident but was later caught by law enforcement.

In another car accident in the Houston area on September 20, 2013 a 15 year-old passenger in a 1999 Toyota was killed in a collision with a Mercedes-Benz. The driver of the Mercedes was speeding when he struck the smaller car, according to witnesses interviewed by authorities.

Personal Injury Firm in Dallas, Texas

Very little can prepare you for the emotional trauma, pain, suffering, and other adverse consequences of a serious traffic accident. Your life may be impacted for weeks, months, years, or forever. Getting the legal compensation you deserve for your damages is vital so that you can get the care you need and the justice that should follow. That may not happen without the skilled and competent representation of an experienced attorney.

The Lenahan Law Firm practices severe injury and wrongful death law exclusively. This is a firm that works on the simple formula that a special team of lawyers working together on a selected number of cases results in better outcomes, happier clients, and the accomplishment of true justice. The legal team includes an attorney who is an R.N. and Nurse Practitioner, an attorney Board Certified in Appellate Law, a lawyer who litigated cases for insurance companies for 15 years and understands how they operate, and the best reviewed Avvo personal injury lawyer in Texas and North Dakota.

Taking on only a few cases where clients have lost a loved one in a wrongful death or have sustained severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, or other conditions requiring emergency surgery, this team has earned many accolades, recognitions, and the genuine gratitude of their satisfied clients. To learn more about the team, to get your questions answered, and to bring your case to them, contact their offices for a free consultation.

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