Lenahan Law Firm Articles Man Charged with Sexual Assault of Young Family Members

Man Charged with Sexual Assault of Young Family Members

By Lenahan Law Firm  Jan. 13, 2014 1:45p

A Dallas man has been taken into custody after two young girls said he had touched them inappropriately. The exact familial relationship between the suspect, 38-year-old A.M., and the two girls was not given in reports but the mother of the children had left them briefly in his care when the incident happened. The mother needed to make a trip to the grocery store and asked if A.M. could watch over the two girls, ages eight and five years old, while she was out. He agreed and was alone with the girls for a period of time that weekday afternoon. When the girls' mother returned from the store she says they both said that A.M. had touched them inappropriately. The mother took the girls away from the home and called police to report the incident. Officers arrived and took A.M. into custody on suspicion of sexual assault. Investigators spoke with the two girls and each told about the incident. A.M. was charged with two counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact and booked into county jail in lieu of $200,000 bail. An immigration hold was also placed on A.M. as it was discovered that he was in the U.S. without valid documentation.

Sexual assault cases are not just about the criminal act of breaking the law. There are victims involved who have suffered psychological as well as physical injury. Victims of rape or other form of sexual assault should get the help of a personal injury lawyer in order to address this side of the case as well. It is also important to know that so-called "consent" for sexual contact is not valid in the eyes of the law if the victim was intoxicated at the time or if there was any form of coercion or mental incapacity. These are understandably difficult cases but it is important to know that victims do have rights to justice and compensation.

Do you have questions about sexual assault claims?

Sexual assault cases can involve non-consenting participation in pornography as well as rape, inappropriate contact, child pornography, church or clergy abuse, abuse by scouting staff (Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts of America, etc.) or other circumstances. A personal injury attorney with our team at the Lenahan Law Firm may be able to help you by answering your questions concerning this area of law and then getting you or a loved one the compensation he or she deserves. Contact our law offices today to discuss your case with a compassionate legal professional intent on fighting for clients who have been the victim of abuse.

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