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Long Beach Bike Path to be Resurfaced

By Law Office of Leonard Matsuk  Mar. 26, 2012 1:54p

The cities of Long Beach and Seal Beach are entering a joint project to resurface the popular San Gabriel River Bike Path. The project is being done in three segments to allow use of the other segments not being actively repaired and will be completed by the end of March. This bike path is one of the most popular and heavily used in the Long Beach area and in need of repair in order to allow safe use. The resurfacing material will be made up of traditional asphalt mixed with recycled rubber from shredded old tires. Improvements will also include more signs as well as reflective paint for lane marking, etc. There is no word as to whether or not there will be an increased presence of any sort of police or other safety patrols when resurfacing is completed. If you were injured on a bike path or in another accident involving a bicycle then speak to a Long Beach personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.

Cyclists Call for Safer Bike Paths

There are many bicyclists throughout the city. Some ride simply for recreation and others use it as their main form of transportation. Those dedicated to riding bring up some important points when it comes to avoiding accidents and injury. Many of the paths in the city and the county in general are fairly secluded and make it a challenge for riders making use of them to get help if a bike accident occurs. Another unfortunate circumstance is the number of assaults that bike riders are the victims of because there is no police protection when it comes to the paths in most areas. While bike paths have a purpose to remove bicycle traffic from busy city streets, there is a sort of “use at your own risk” factor to these paths. A bicyclist that has an accident on a city street due to poorly maintained roadways, insufficient signage, etc. has legal recourse that may be denied to him or her if the equivalent accident occurred on a bike path.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer for Long Beach

No matter the type of bike injury accident you or a loved one has suffered, a bicycle accident lawyer with us at the Law Office of Leonard Matsuk in Long Beach may be able to help. We carefully review our client’s case and do everything possible to present a strong argument to the insurance company and/or court to show that our client has a valid claim for compensation.

Contact a Long Beach bicycle accident attorney at our law office today to find out how we may help you obtain substantial compensation for your injuries.

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