Law Office of Leonard Matsuk Articles Attorney Sentenced to 4 Years For Dog Attack Turned Deadly

Attorney Sentenced to 4 Years For Dog Attack Turned Deadly

By Law Office of Leonard Matsuk  Mar. 9, 2011 4:24p

2 Dogs Mauled Neighbor to Death While She Watched Helplessly

After a widely publicized incident that led to the death of a woman in her apartment building, Marjorie a woman has been sentenced to four years in state prison for her role in the attack. The attack occurred on January 26th, in Knollers apartment building where she lived with her partner.

The couple, both of whom are attorneys, had adopted the two dogs from an inmate who had reportedly been running a dog fighting arena for several local drug traffickers. The large Presa Canario dogs had been trained to fight and kill in the ring. Though Knoller said she and Noel had believed them to be docile and friendly, the jury decided they should have known better.

The victim was 33-year old woman, who lived with her partner on the same hall as the couple. Several witnesses claimed that the dogs had previously exhibited violent behavior in the presence of their owners, showing that they should have taken greater precautions.

Sentencing Angers Family of Victim

Though the woman now joins her husband in a four-year sentence for manslaughter, the family and friends voiced anger at the Superior Court Judges ruling. She had originally been charged with second degree murder for her presence during the attack, with as much as fifteen years of prison time ahead of her. The jury convicted her of this charge, but it was overruled by the judge, who said he did not believe she had intended the mauling to occur. In addition to their prison sentences, the couple must pay a $6,800 restitution fee.

Get Help From A Dog Bite Lawyer

Canine attacks are extremely dangerous, and are taken very seriously by the law. If you have been bitten or otherwise injured by a dog, it is important that you take legal action to ensure that the dog cannot attack again. A Long Beach dog bite attorney at the Law Office of Leonard Matsuk may help you bring the negligent owner to justice and get you the compensation you deserve!

Do not hesitate to contact a Long Beach dog attack lawyer for a fee consultation today.

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