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Construction Industry Scaffold Accidents Can be Prevented

By Leonard Matsuk  Feb. 28, 2011 8:51p

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) states that falls are one of the leading causes of traumatic occupational death and are responsible for 8% of all occupational fatalities resulting from trauma. Identifying what the hazards are and taking precautions to protect workers in the construction industry is an important step to reduce or eliminate the hazards. Falls from scaffolds are one of the areas where specific OSHA standards exist and if adhered to, protect workers from dangerous or fatal accidents. Some of these regulations for scaffolds address issues like:

  • Platform width on mobile scaffolds and ladder stands
  • Standards for bracing to ensure stability of the scaffold
  • Slip resistant ladder stands using slip resistant treads
  • Materials standards for scaffold platforms with construction grade lumber
  • Guardrail requirements for work levels of 10 feet or higher above the ground or floor
  • Properly designed wheels and casters for the scaffold's strength and ability to support work loads
  • The erection of scaffolds is to be done or supervised by qualified agents or the manufacturer if the scaffold exceeds 50 feet in height above the base unless approved in writing by an engineer or erected as per instructions published by the manufacturer.

These are by no means the entirety of OSHA standards relating to the subject at hand and when violations of these occur it can lead to accidents. Construction is a high risk occupation and workers have a right to work in safe environments. When the proper precautions are not taken and people get injured, it is time to consult with a personal injury attorney.

If you (or someone you love) has been injured in a construction accident in the Long Beach area as a result of someone else's carelessness or negligence, it would be in your best interests to contact a Long Beach construction accident attorney as soon as possible; we can help you with the claims process to get compensation for your injuries.

At the Law Office of Leonard Matsuk, we have been helping clients with legal matters for over 30 years. If your injury is serious, you will need to take into consideration the fact that you may have high medical costs, loss of income and possible rehabilitation expenses as well. We work toward getting you maximum compensation so you can focus on recovery and start rebuilding your life. 

Contact a Long Beach construction accident lawyer in our office to arrange a free consultation; we are here to help.

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