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Motorcyclist Killed in Car Accident

By Willis Law  Dec. 9, 2013 2:24p

Motorcyclist Killed in Car Accident

By Willis Law

Deputies with the Sheriff Office's Vehicular Homicide Investigation Unit are working to determine how a recent fatal accident occurred that left a motorcycle rider dead and three others injured in Boca Raton. The accident happened on a recent Friday afternoon when 18-year-old J.A. was riding his motorcycle west on Glades Road. A 33-year-old woman driving a BMW sedan was going south on a road that exited the Island Lakes community and intersected with Glades Road. The woman, A.F., made a right turn onto Glades Road and went directly into the path of J.A. on his motorcycle. J.A. was unable to avoid the sedan and crashed into the driver's side door. The impact ejected him from his motorcycle and threw him on to the roadway. He lay unresponsive on the ground and had suffered severe injuries. Paramedics arrived and rushed the motorcyclist to the hospital but he did not survive. A.F. and her two passengers were also injured in the accident and were taken to West Boca Medical Center. The extent and severity of the car occupants' injuries were not described in reports. No citations or charges have yet been issued in the accident but the investigation is continuing. Get the help of a personal injury attorney knowledgeable in motorcycle accident cases if you or a family member was hurt in a wreck caused by someone else.

Injured in a motorcycle accident in Boca Raton?

The dangers in riding a motorcycle are clear but that does not excuse other drivers from ensuring that they keep a proper lookout for smaller motor vehicles in the roadway. Common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents include traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, fractures, internal injuries, spinal cord injuries, catastrophic injuries and others. Motorcycle riders have much less protection than those in a car despite many advances in motorcycle safety gear. A driver's momentary lapse in attention to the road could end the life of someone on a motorcycle.

Personal Injury Lawyer for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Contact a personal injury lawyer at Willis Law as soon as possible to make sure that your legal rights are protected after an accident. When someone else's recklessness, carelessness or negligence causes harm to others then he or she should be held liable for all damages they have caused. An attorney with the firm may be able to recover compensation to cover all medical bills as well as losses associated with being unable to work. Contact our law offices to schedule a free case evaluation and find out what may be done for your case.

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