Willis Law, P.A. Articles Boca Raton Woman Fatally shoots Boyfriend on Accident

Boca Raton Woman Fatally shoots Boyfriend on Accident

By Willis Law  Dec. 9, 2013 2:14p

Boca Raton Woman Fatally shoots Boyfriend on Accident

By Willis Law

20-year-old E.S. and her boyfriend, J.H., were visiting friends recently when a game involving a pistol went horribly wrong. E.S. and her 22-year-old boyfriend were at a friend's house when another friend arrived and brought a gun. The owner of the gun unloaded the pistol and the rest of the group began taking turns handling the firearm and playing with it. The situation apparently evolved into a game where someone would pick up the gun and point and "shoot" the unloaded weapon at someone else. This went on throughout the day. At some point, the gun owner decided to load the gun and place it on a counter without telling anyone else that it had ammunition in it. E.S. picked up the pistol later that day, leveled it at her boyfriend and fired it at point blank range. J.H. was shot in the chest and critically wounded. They called 911 and the injured man was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the gunshot injury was too severe and he died. Police interviewed E.S. who was extremely distraught over the situation and told investigators that she had no intention of harming her boyfriend and simply had no idea that the gun had been loaded. The other two individuals involved in the incident gave investigators a similar explanation of what occurred including the fact that the friend who owned the gun did not inform the others that he had reloaded the bullets into the pistol. Friends and family of both E.S. and J.H. have said that the two had a solid relationship and had been dating for the last year. J.H.'s family stated that they know it must have been an accident. The investigation is ongoing and no charges have been brought against anyone at this time. There was no information regarding whether or not a wrongful death claim would be made against the owner of the pistol. Speak with a personal injury lawyer if you feel your loved one's death was due to another's negligence.

Florida law states that a family member of a deceased loved one can pursue a wrongful death claim in situations where negligence or wrongdoing led to the death of their loved one. They can seek compensation for certain hardships suffered as a result of the loss as part of this civil legal action.

Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney

The experienced team at Willis Law understands that the last thing you may be thinking of after the devastating loss of a family member is pursing compensation or a legal case in general. There is a lot to process in this situation and the hard reality is that the death of a loved one could result in a variety of damages to your family. Please contact a compassionate personal injury attorney at the firm today to discuss your situation.

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