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Slip and Fall Injury Facts

By Jimmy Doan  Aug. 6, 2010 11:45a

Slip and fall injuries are one of the most common type of premises liability situations to occur and can sometimes result in permanent disability. People should always be aware of their immediate surroundings as to avoid accidents, however, this is not always possible. Dangers present themselves due to others' negligence resulting in injury and sometimes even death. Following are some of the more common things to watch out for that are causes of slip and fall injuries:

  • Poorly maintained sidewalks (protruding objects, holes in sidewalk, or uneven sidewalks causing people to trip and fall)
  • Slippery surfaces in stores resulting from unattended spills or mopping
  • Falling objects off of store shelves
  • Defective stairs (wetness on stairs, torn carpet, chipped or worn stairs, defective handrails, insufficient lighting on stairs)
  • Defective elevators or escalators (wetness, starting or stopping irregularly, uneven alignment in elevators where door does not align with floor)
  • Poorly built or maintained crosswalks

Individuals and business owners have a responsibility to maintain safety standards. When they neglect these responsibilities people can get injured and they can be held liable. A person can wind up in the hospital or permanently incapacitated from a slip and fall injury and life becomes a hardship from that point forward. If this has happened to you do not put off seeking legal advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Seek Competent Legal Help

If you or someone you know has been injured in a slip and fall accident in the Houston area, it is imperative that you contact an attorney experienced in personal injury law. You may be able to receive compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of wages and possibly future loss of wages as well if the injury is severe. At the Doan Law Firm, our attorneys investigate cases thoroughly getting all relevant details to build a strong defense. We can review and evaluate the information regarding your case and advise you as to what you can expect in the way of compensation. The money you recover may directly impact your ability to recover and move on with your life.

Contact a Houston Personal Injury Attorney today for a free consultation. We are here to help.

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