Mesa Law Firm Articles Family of Man Run Over by Dump Truck are Demanding Justice

Family of Man Run Over by Dump Truck are Demanding Justice

By Mesa Law Firm  Oct. 13, 2013 1:20p

Police were called to a gas station at the corner of 28th Street and 12th Avenue when a body was found near the roadway. 54-year-old W.S. was declared dead at the scene having suffered severe crush injuries. Investigators reviewed video surveillance footage at the gas station and discovered that the incident had occurred around 6:00 that morning. A large dump truck had turned off of 12th Avenue and into the gas station and apparently ran over the man at that time. W.S. had been sleeping on the sidewalk with his head near the curb. The dump truck driver did not report the incident and apparently left the gas station after filling up or using other facilities. Investigators said that it was very possible that the driver did not know that he had run over anyone. A description of the truck involved in the incident was released to the media. A man who claimed to be the driver of the truck turned himself in the next day. He told authorities that he thought that he had just run over the curb near the station's driveway entrance and did not suspect that he had run over a person. Police did not hold or charge the driver with any offense. Investigators have said that it was a tragic accident but the family of the deceased man feels that the dump truck driver should be held accountable for the death. Pedestrian accidents can result in serious or fatal injuries. Consult with a personal injury attorney if you were hurt in a pedestrian accident or if you wish to pursue a wrongful death claim after losing a family member in an accident.

Were you or a loved one hurt in an accident in the Coral Gables area?

Serious injury accidents occur in Coral Gables and greater Miami-Dade areas that are often the result of recklessness or other negligent behavior. When someone's carelessness or wrongful actions cause someone to be hurt then that person may be liable for financial damages as well as other compensation. A personal injury lawyer with us at the Mesa Law Firm may be able to help you get the legal results you are looking for after an injury accident. You may be faced with expensive medical and hospitalization bills and other expenses after an accident. You may not be able to work while you recover which could cause even more financial difficulties for you and your family. The situation can be especially stressful—financially and emotionally—when a loved one is killed in an accident. Contact our law offices today to discuss these factors and your legal options for obtaining compensation.

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