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Missouri Furniture Industry Workers Susceptible to Serious Injuries

By James Hoffmann  Jun. 29, 2016 9:51a

Furniture factory workers have to work in some of the most hazardous conditions. A recent case of involving a popular furniture store has brought attention back to the risks that furniture factory workers face. The company faced more than $430,000 in fines owing to their poor safety practices that resulted in several workplace accidents and injuries. In this post, our St Louis workplace accident Lawyer will discuss the various injury risks faced by furniture factory workers.

Common injuries suffered by Missouri furniture factory workers

Workers in the furniture factory can sustain a wide variety of injuries, because of the hazardous working conditions. Some of the most common injuries reported are:

  • Loss of a limb: Furniture factory workers have to work around assembly line machinery and with heavy duty power tools. If the workers do not have the right kind of training or access to proper safety equipment such as gloves, the risk of injury becomes quite high. Quite often, the companies incentivize workers to work faster than they ideally can, and in an attempt to meet the difficult targets, workers tend to make mistakes that can cost them their limbs.

  • Trips, slips and falls: Most furniture factory floors have large objects in the pathways. Moreover, some workplaces have leaky ceilings and wet floors, and all this can cause the workers to slip and fall. Fall injuries can be quite serious. The worker may break a bone or strain or sprain a joint, tendon or muscle. If they hit their head against a hard surface or object, they may sustain a traumatic brain injury.

  • Crushing injuries: Factory workers who work with pressing machines or near forklifts are at risk of crushing injuries. These injuries may lead to amputations, but even if the limb is saved, the worker may suffer permanent paralysis or disfigurement.

  • Toxic exposure: Furniture fabric tends to release toxic fumes at the dying stage or when it is applied to a frame. The workers who work with furniture fabric without using appropriate safety gear such as mask, goggles or gloves may develop illnesses related to toxic inhalation.

  • Repetitive stress injuries: Most furniture factory workers have to perform the same task continuously for prolonged hours, and this can put excessive pressure on tendons and joints. When the same set of muscles are overworked, the worker may suffer repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Such injuries need immediate treatment or they may permanently affect the worker’s ability to work or even perform daily activities.

MIssouri workers compensation for furniture factory workers

Furniture factory workers can suffer severe and life changing injuries due to the nature of their work. Such injuries require extensive treatment, and the worker may require a long time off work for recovery. Some workers are rendered permanently disabled. Workers compensation benefits can take care of the medical bills and cover a part of weekly wage while the worker recovers from injuries. In case the worker does not recover completely from the injury, he/she may be entitled to permanent partial disability benefits. The PPD benefits the worker receives depends on the disability rating given by the doctor. If you have any questions about the rating, or the benefits you are entitled to, call (314) 361-4300 to have your case evaluated for free by an experienced St. Louis workers comp attorney.

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