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How Social Media Posts Can Impact Workers Comp Claims

By James Hoffmann  Jul. 18, 2018 3:20p

There is nothing better than spending some time out of town with family and friends during the summer. Once all the photos and videos taken to commemorate your getaway are taken, the most likely place they end up is shared with the world.

If you are collecting workers’ compensation benefits, then it is highly critical that you make sure that what is being posted to social media will not impact your eligibility or your livelihood.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to workers in the state of Missouri who are injured while they are on the job. To collect, you don’t need to prove that anyone was negligent and caused your injury. You do, however, have to show both that you were injured and that your injury was sustained while you were engaged in work-related activities. If you can do those things, then you can start to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

Benefits Are Not Guaranteed

Just because you were approved to collect workers' compensation benefits, that does not mean that they are guaranteed.

If the workers’ compensation insurance carrier can prove that your injuries either are not as bad as you have claimed, or that they have healed, and you have not returned to work as you should, then it is possible for them to notify you that your benefits have ended and to stop paying on your workers’ compensation claim.

Workers’ compensation insurance businesses are like any other business. They are in the business to turn a profit. That is why they will continue to check up on people who are collecting benefits even after a determination of their need has been established.

If they suspect that you are either well enough to return to work, you have made a false claim about your injuries, or that you weren’t injured at all, they can, and will, continue to investigate your activities and your progress.

Be Careful What Is Posted to Social Media!

One of the first places that a workers’ compensation insurance company will go to check on your activities and your whereabouts is by looking through your social media account and posting. It isn’t just about you; they will also look into your family's and friend’s accounts to find proof to deny you further coverage.

So, this summer while you are out on vacation enjoying yourself, don’t assume that no one is watching.

Make everyone aware that whatever they post to their social media account can jeopardize your workers’ compensation status. It isn’t just important that you not post anything incriminating, it is likewise critical that those who are around you keep your images out of the hands of an insurance company seeking to deny you coverage.

Social media posts are allowed as grounds of proof that an injury isn’t what you say it is.

When you head out on vacation this summer, have the time of your life. Just make certain that anything you, or the people you are vacationing with, understand the importance of your privacy and how it relates to your workers’ compensation eligibility.

If you are facing the potential of losing your eligibility status, it is important to speak with an experienced St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer for help protecting what is rightfully yours.

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