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Did Your Personal Trainer Cause You Personal Injury?

By David Zevan  Apr. 16, 2015 11:11a

Over 2,000 people are injured each year after begining a new exercise program.

Whether fulfilling a new year’s resolution or trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, people flock to St. Louis gyms in order to get in shape. When inexperienced, they stand the risk of injury. Each year, there are over 2,000 injuries reported by people who have begun a new exercise program. If you have suffered from an injury while you were working out that necessitated medical attention, speak with a St. Louis personal injury attorney. Gym facilities have a responsibility to protect its guests and may be liable for paying for the costs of your medical care.

Personal Trainers Are Not Regulated

Equipment-related injury is very common with new gym members who are unfamiliar with the mechanisms of the machinery or of their personal limitations. Weights, rowing machines, treadmills, and even a jump rope can cause injury to someone who is not used to using one.

Personal trainers are another cause of injury to a new gym member. Personal trainers in a fitness center are not always the professional you believe them to be. Unlike other professionals who have to pass specialized classes and be issued a license, there is no regulation of people who pose as a personal trainer. They may be certified, but this is not a requirement. As a result, people with little knowledge of how the body works and its limits are often in a position to be assisting a new gym member with their first series of workouts.

Case Study - Knee Injury Resulting in Surgery

If your trainer is forcing you to do movements that are too advanced, they may cause you to injure yourself. A personal trainer is supposed to assess your capabilities and then customize a fitness program tailored for your needs. This was not the case with a Missouri gym member whose personal trainer pushed her so hard that she suffered grave damage to the knee. The movements expected during the class were too complicated for her fitness level and caused a strain injury that required surgery to correct. The fitness center eventually accepted liability for the accident and settled the claim before going to court.

Do not let this stop you from joining a gym and getting into shape. Just make sure that you ask questions about the equipment you use and follow the directions. If you do work with a personal trainer, do not be afraid to speak up if the workout is too hard. This is a service you are paying for and you have the right to direct it. If you do suffer an injury at a local fitness center or gym, call Zevan and Davidson Law Firm, LLC at (314) 588-7200 to find out what your rights are. If the gym was liable in any way, it is only right that they compensate you for the expenses.

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