Ward Smith PLLC Articles Debate Continues Over Lacrosse Helmets

Debate Continues Over Lacrosse Helmets

By Ward Smith  Feb. 20, 2011 12:10p

Medical Professionals Clash Over Helmet Ban in Women's Lacrosse

As women's lacrosse continues to grow in popularity across the country, battle lines are being drawn between supporters of the ban on wearing helmets - except for goalkeepers - and those who think the ban is a dangerous double standard.

Men's lacrosse teams universally require helmets, as do the vast majority of contact sports such as football and hockey. But in the female division of the sport, a different set of rules is at work. Stanford lacrosse coach Amy Bokker jokes that it shouldn't even be called lacrosse at all; girls are prevented from body checking and attempts are made to limit collisions as much as possible.

Several medical experts argue that the lack of helmets ensures that players are less reckless, whether consciously or not. "What we've seen is that behavior can change when athletes feel more protected," claims Dr. Margot Putukian, chairwoman of the US Lacrosse safety commission, though she also acknowledges it is difficult to prove. The commission has stood firmly in support of the helmet ban despite rising controversy.

Doctors Seek to Minimize Concussions at All Costs

Despite women's lacrosse being much stricter about contact collisions, concussions can and do happen. Research indicates that lacrosse is the third worst women's scholastic sport in rates of concussions, behind only basketball and soccer, which have even less protection for players. In addition, the much more physical male version of lacrosse has only 15 percent more concussions on average, possibly thanks to their protective equipment.

The debate rages on, with doctors on both sides of the issue. The overwhelming testimony from players, however, has been in favor of maintaining the ban. They claim that going without helmets is an integral part of the women's lacrosse spirit. Adding additional protections would only encourage more vicious play, testify several players on Columbia's team.

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