Ward Smith PLLC Articles Catastrophic Injuries in Washington State Personal Injury Cases

Catastrophic Injuries in Washington State Personal Injury Cases

By Ward Smith, PLLC  Jul. 3, 2013 3:57p

Catastrophic injuries are among the most devastating for people involved in personal injury cases. These injuries are the most serious types from which patients may never fully recover. Examples of these types of injuries include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, loss of limbs, eyesight, or other organs, birth injuries, and severe burns. Catastrophic injuries may ensue from traffic accidents, boating accidents, public transportation accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice incidents, and other scenarios.

Victims of such accidents may face life-threatening conditions and their futures may forever be changed. They may need extensive and long-term medical care such as repeat surgeries, ongoing physical therapy, medical equipment, nursing care, and personal assistance. They may suffer emotional and psychological difficulties as well as physical impairments for the rest of their lives, losing the ability to engage in routine, everyday tasks. Denied the independence that others take for granted, they frequently lose the ability to financially support themselves.

Traumatic brain injury is a typical example of a catastrophic injury wherein the person suffers a serious blow to the head. The initial injury may lead to secondary injuries in the hours, days, or weeks which follow, such as changes in the blood flow in the brain and pressure within the skull. Those who suffer such an injury may have future cognitive problems, behavioral problems, problems with motor skills, or paralysis. They may require long-term or even lifelong medical assistance.

Personal Injury Firm in Seattle, Washington

Those who are catastrophically injured due to the negligence or misconduct of others can seek legal compensation for damages through an injury claim or lawsuit. They may face months, years, or a lifetime of medical expenses and a complete inability to work, as well as emotional and psychological trauma and difficulty. The last thing such individuals should have to worry about is whether an insurance claim will be successful. That is where the personal injury law firm of Ward Smith, PLLC, based in Seattle can help.

The legal team at the firm has considerable experience in representing such individuals in legal action. They have close to 50 years of combined legal experience in personal injury law and have been recognized for many years by Super Lawyers for the high level of service they provide. In the wake of any negligence-based accident or incident, contact the firm to discuss your options with an experienced attorney in a free case evaluation. Get the knowledgeable legal guidance and support you need at a time when you need it the most. The firm works on a contingency basis which means you pay nothing until the firm wins your case.

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