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Bicycle Laws in Washington State

By Ward Smith, PLLC  Mar. 27, 2013 10:25a

With more and more people riding bikes as a form of transportation as well as sport and recreation, accidents involving bicyclists have become more frequent. Knowing the rules of the road for bicyclists is important – for them as well as motorists who are often involved in bicycle accidents. When riding a bike on a Washington roadway, a bicyclist is entitled to all of the rights as well as the responsibilities of any other vehicle driver. Those who violate traffic laws will be subject to tickets, the same as a motorist. Furthermore, some roads and highways may be closed to bicyclists and local ordinances in any given area of the state may also ban bicyclists on certain roads or sidewalks.

In regards to helmets, no overall state law requires the mandatory use of helmets. Certain cities and counties, however, require them. King County requires the use of helmets for bike riders of all ages. Additional rules include the regulation that bicycle riders may cycle side by side but not more than two abreast may do so. For riding at night, bicyclists must have an actual white front light that can be seen for at least 500 feet. They may also have a red rear light in addition to a red reflector, which is a requirement. Parents or guardians of children riding bikes have the responsibility to ensure that their children do not violate traffic laws while riding bikes in their local area.

Personal Injury Representation in Seattle

When a bicycle rider is injured due to the negligent behavior of a motorist, he or she may be entitled to legal compensation for accompanying damages through an injury claim. Ensuring that your claim is handled to help you obtain compensation that is commensurate with your injuries generally requires the assistance of an attorney. You will want one who focuses on this area of law and who knows how to deal with insurance companies.

The personal injury legal team at Ward Smith, PLLC serves clients in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Kent, and Redmond. These attorneys have decades of experience and their outstanding results and legal ability have earned them inclusion in Washington's list of Super Lawyers. In the aftermath of a personal injury, whether it involves a bicycle accident, car accident, slip and fall, boating accident, nursing home abuse, or any other scenario, it is vital to have an aggressive and competent firm looking after your best interests. Contact the firm for the help you need to get the compensation you deserve following your injuries.

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