The Sessions Law Firm, LLC Articles 2016 Sees Decade High In Georgia Roadway Deaths

2016 Sees Decade High In Georgia Roadway Deaths

By Ben Sessions  Mar. 13, 2017 4:51p

With 2016 in the books, Georgia has set a new deadly record. Nearly 1,500 people perished in 2016 on Georgia roadways, which is up from 2015 and a new decade high.

The Georgia Department of Transportation believes that distracted drivers are one cause for the upturn in deadly accidents in our state. Distracted drivers have been a constant concern for Georgia Legislature since it passed a bill 2010 in an attempt to stop the growing epidemic.

As of 2010, Georgia passed legislation that made it illegal to text and drive. However, since its inception, this legislation seems to be doing little if anything to prevent drivers from using their cellphones while driving. As of today, a police officer in Georgia has the ability to pull over a driver just for texting while they are driving. However, this infraction only comes with a $150 fine. Despite Georgia's texting ban, distracted drivers will likely remain a major issue on Georgia roadways in 2017.

The Georgia Legislature is set to reconvene in a few days and the topic of 2016 setting a record for roadway death will likely be high on the list of priorities for law makers. This news will likely spring into action a piece of legislation that sets out to prevent Georgia drivers from operating their motor vehicle while distracted. Any new legislation will likely be far more harsh on drivers who operate vehicles while distracted, in an effort to quell the rising roadway death in this state.

Additionally, the increase in roadway deaths may spell bad news for drivers across Georgia. An increase in severe accidents can be linked to an increase in insurance rates for all drivers across the state. Although, fatalities are not directly linked to increased car insurance rates, severe accidents are, and severe accidents often relate closely to fatalities.

Nationwide severe accidents are on the rise, but here in Georgia we are experiencing a more dramatic increase these types of accidents. Which is likely why our car insurance is higher than most state, and that trend is not likely to change in 2017.

In 2017, be prepared to see an increase in insurance rates, along with a focus on stopping the current trend of increasing deadly Georgia roadways by the state legislature.

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