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Swimming Pool Accidents a Leading Cause of Death in Children

By Law Offices of Gerald Marcus  Feb. 5, 2011 12:55p

Although over 80% of the drowning or near drowning accidents occur in backyard swimming pools, a number do happen in commercial facilities and can be attributed to negligence or carelessness on the part of the owners, employees or managers.

Some Causes for Drowning

In places like hotels, motels, water parks, public pools and even school swimming pools, drowning occurs and people get injured or die. Some swimming pools lack necessary safety features such as proper fencing, lack of written warnings by the pool, lack of lifeguard supervision, locked gates or even proper drain covers.

Not long ago, a new piece of legislation was implemented called The Virginia Graham Baker Act requiring that public pools and spas must comply with a mandate to have certain types of drain covers placed in the pools to prevent people getting trapped. The legislation was created based upon the death of a young girl who was trapped by a drain and dismembered. The sponsor of the bill was a relative of the little girl who lost her life.

A Few Words of Wisdom

Children can get very creative when it comes to escaping out to the yard and paying unauthorized visits to the pool. As an example of this, not long ago, two children escaped into a back yard through the "doggie door" and got into the pool. Close supervision is an absolute necessity for pool owners who have small children or even neighborhood kids. Safety and security features need to be put in place such as pool covers, locking/self latching gates, and even alarms for windows and doors. Ensure that responsible babysitters and care takers are aware of the dangers when pools exist on the property and keep a close eye on small children.

If you are in the Pasadena area and you or a loved one has had a drowning or near drowning accident and suffered injuries, you need to contact a Pasadena accident attorney as quickly as possible. At the Law Offices of Gerald Marcus, we are experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyers who can help you take the appropriate action to get compensation for injuries suffered and hold the responsible party or parties accountable. We have been successfully servicing clients for over 20 years in personal injury matters of all sorts.

Contact a Pasadena Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer in our office for a free consultation and we will discuss your case.

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