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Tragedy at Summer Camp

By The J. Guerra Law Firm  Aug. 1, 2011 3:33p

Every year, countless American children enjoy water play at a variety of summer camps across the nation. Summer vacation would be incomplete without swimming and other water related activities. Certainly, most adults have fond memories of playing in the backyard sprinklers, sliding down Slip ‘n Slides, swimming at the local Y, and participating in youth programs or summer camps as children.

Sadly, the very people we entrust to keep a watchful eye over our children are sometimes the very people responsible for their death. In 2005, a four year old boy drowned while attending his first day of summer camp at a Tennis, Swim and Athletic Club outside of Santa Barbara, CA. If your child was in a drowning accident, you are urged to contact a Dallas drowning accident attorney today.

Earlier that day, the four-year-old boy had barely passed a swim test. He was told to remain in the shallow end of the pool. However, after being repeatedly dunked by a male counselor, he was taken to the middle of the pool and left to fend for himself. The boy did not possess the skill or energy to swim back to the side for safety. He was left there to drown.

Nobody noticed the boy fighting for his life, not the lifeguards on duty, the counselors or any other staff. The entire scene was captured on surveillance, where the boy floated face down in the water for over eight minutes.

The Jury’s Verdict

The parent’s of the four-year-old drowning victim filed a civil lawsuit against the athletic club. The complaint charged that the facility was operating without a day care license, and that the staff was not certified in child CPR, and that the CPR attempts were performed improperly. A Santa Barbara jury awarded $16.2 million on behalf of the parents of the 4-year-old boy who drowned that tragic day.

When we sign our kids up for summer camp, we want to help them build long-lasting memories and friendships. It is the responsibility of the summer camp staff to be properly trained in CPR, and to make sure that our children are always safe in the water. If your child suffered from a near-drowning or, a drowning accident while attending summer camp, you may be eligible for compensation on your child’s behalf. Contact a Dallas summer camp drowning lawyer from the J. Guerra Law Firm without delay.

Contact a Dallas summer camp drowning attorney from our firm for a free consultation.

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