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Drunk Driving Accidents in Nashville

By Law Office of John Whitfield  Jul. 8, 2010 9:34a

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Drunk Driving Accidents in Nashville

There is perhaps nothing more frightening in the world than a car accident. When something of this nature occurs at the fault of another driver, especially if they are intoxicated, the pain of trying to deal with it only gets exponentially worse. While the majority of drunk driving accidents occur at the hands of someone over the legal BAC limit of .08, there are some that happen with a legal BAC level. Regardless, when alcohol and vehicles mix, it isn't pretty. If you are driving safely, and paying attention to the laws, signs and other drivers on the road, you should not be submitted to the agony that accompanies a car accident. Unfortunately, however, for many of Nashville's safe drivers, this is exactly what happens.

While there are strict punishments for those convicted of a DUI, the victim can sometimes not be rewarded with the full financial compensation. After suffering something completely out of your hands, you deserve the proper compensation to cover all medical, physical and financial losses that you will have endured. Many people simply focus on the surface costs that accompany a car accident, but the truth is that the price is often much deeper and more wide-spread than that. The physical trauma can often be long-lasting and require weeks, month and perhaps even years of medical care, treatment and therapy. Coupled with the psychological damage, loss of income and loss of the enjoyment of life, there is absolutely no room for you to receive less than maximum monetary compensation to cover the damage.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

In the time immediately following a car accident, especially one involving a drunk driver, there are several steps that need to be taken to give you the best possible chance for the success of your case. The right personal injury lawyer will know how to handle such things as recording the BAC, evidence, medical and accident reports and witness statements, as they are all vital to giving you the fighting edge you need. At the Law Offices of John Whitfield , we understand the sensitivity and importance of handling your case as quickly and capably as possible. When your future is on the line, nothing less than the very best effort is acceptable.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a drunk driving accident, contact a Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer today.

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