Jones & Swanson Articles Lake Lanier Boating Accident Results in more Safety Measures

Lake Lanier Boating Accident Results in more Safety Measures

By Law Offices of Andrew W. Jones  Jun. 23, 2013 3:00p

An injury accident involving two boats on Lake Lanier a couple weeks ago increased momentum in adding to and enforcing boating safety laws at the lake. The boating accident occurred over Memorial Day weekend just before midnight. A boat with two people on board was struck by a larger vessel which sped off after the collision. The two people on the smaller boat suffered moderate injuries and had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment. The driver of the larger boat turned out to be a teenager. The teen's father noticed damage to the boat the day after the collision and questioned his son about it. The teen admitted to hitting the other boat and turned himself in to authorities. If you were hurt in a boating accident that was not your fault then you should consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible concerning your legal rights.

Officials announced that enforcement on boating laws would increase starting this season. New laws have also been put in place that will be tightly enforced. Other new laws will be in effect starting next year. These changes include mandatory life jackets on all children under 13 years old who are on board a moving boat, required safety and operation education to those renting a boat, a required boating safety course for those born on or after 1 January 1998 and other such measures. Boating while intoxicated, speeding, reckless maneuvers and other such carelessness have proven to be a big problem on Georgia's waterways. Accidents on lakes can have much more serious consequences since it is harder for emergency services to locate victims and render aid compared to accidents that occur on highways and roadways. Authorities are hoping that they can increase awareness of these factors and help prevent accidents, injuries and deaths.

Are you in need of a boating accident lawyer?

Contact the Law Offices of Andrew W. Jones to find out about your legal options regarding obtaining compensation for your injuries. Boating accidents can result in severe injuries, drowning and other fatalities. Reckless individuals may think that operating a boat requires less attention and care than driving a vehicle but that is a totally false assumption. Most boating accidents were caused by people who did not get educated on safely operating the craft, were drunk or otherwise intoxicated, distracted or were aggressively maneuvering the boat. We may be able to get you the financial damages you deserve for your accident.

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