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Cynthia Hennessy Registered Nurse/Attorney Personalized, Supportive and Aggressive Reprsentation
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Combining her skills and experience as a Registered Nurse and Injury Attorney, Cynthia Hennessey has over 21 years of experience in handling serious injury, Workers’ Compensation and wrongful death cases throughout Missouri and Illinois. Unlike other Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Attorney’s, Cynthia’s Nursing education and experience provides her with the expertise to review your medical records and to fully understand your injury, as well as the diagnostic tests and treatment. As a former insurance company attorney, Cynthia experienced first-hand the tricks and strategies the insurance companies use to avoid paying claims. She knows the insurance industry and uses this knowledge against them to better serve her clients. As an experienced trial lawyer, Cynthia has a proven track record successfully representing thousands of seriously injured clients. She has made her reputation going up against multi-national insurance companies and corporations and winning.
Cynthia handles Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury and death cases that result from many types of traumatic events; however tractor trailer accidents, truck accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents make up the majority of her personal injury caseload.
Her experience includes all types of injuries, including head injuries, brain injuries, neck and spine injuries, paraplegia/quadriplegia injuries, fractures, and death cases.
Unlike other firms, Cynthia personally interviews, selects and handles each case. She will provide a free consultation in her office, by phone, or at any other location you choose

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Cynthia Hennessey

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Cynthia M. Hennessey is both a registered nurse and a workers' compensation and personal injury lawyer who is licensed in Missouri, Illinois and Colorado. With 21 years of legal experience, Cynthi ... read more »
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Great Lawyer

Posted by beth davis on 13-Feb-2012
My husband worked for a very large company, (I can’t say who) that delivers packages worldwide. He fell off a loading dock 2 years ago, onto his back and head. He suffered an injury to his head and brain and has never returned to work and will never return to work. He has never been the same since. He is depressed, has terrible memory problems, can’t concentrate, his mood has changed terribly. He is nothing like the man I married. Anyway, Cynthia Hennessey was our lawyer for the workmens comp case. Thank goodness we found her. As a nurse, she knew everything there was to know about head injuries. The workmens comp doctors all said there was nothing wrong with him, that he was faking. Cynthia believed him, and knew exactly what we were going through. She sent us to experts who finally did the correct testing, and took our case to trial. The judge was visibly upset with workmens Comp. He gave us everything we asked for, lifetime benefits, medical treatment and attendant care and all of our bills paid for. Again, thank goodness for Cynthia. I strongly recommend her for any type of brain injury or head injury.

Great Experience

Posted by sherrimeggs on 13-Feb-2012
I always hoped I would never need a personal injury lawyer. The commercials on television are so sleazy, I thought they were all “ambulance chasers”. Well, then my car was rear-ended by a pick up truck going 55 miles an hour while I was at a dead stop. I happened to be on the job, as I am a Sales Rep for a large corporation. I seriously hurt my neck, sustaining 2 herniated discs. I was lost. I couldn’t work because my job requires me to lift items up to 50 pounds out of my trunk. I couldn’t do anything or even sleep because I was in so much pain. I was trying to deal with Workmans Comp and the insurance company for the guy who hit me and my own insurance company. Everyone wanted statements, I couldn’t keep straight who I had talked with because of the pain meds. I needed help. I researched and found Cynthia Hennessey. First and foremost, I was so happy to find an Attorney who was not “sleazy”. She is so professional and so nice; I felt like I was talking to a good friend. She cared about me personally, always asked about my kids and family. She took the whole situation off my shoulders, and I didn’t have to deal with any of the legal stuff again. I’m back to work now, after 2 surgeries, and 8 months off. My cases have all settled and the matter is finally behind me. Cynthia got me the maximum policy limits from all the insurance companies and a great settlement from Workmans Comp. I still consider her a friend, and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again.

Great Work Comp lawyer

Posted by Christine Albers on 13-Feb-2012
I had a great experience with Cynthia Hennessey and her office. I fell at work and broke my ankle in three places requiring surgery with plates and screws. My recovery was long and drawn out. Cynthia was always great with keeping me posted as to what was happening with my case. I liked that she handles her cases from start to finish rather than shuffling the case to a young associate. She always knew exactly what was going on with my treatment. She was quick to obtain all my records, and settled my case with the insurance company shortly after I was released by the doctors. I feel I got a very fair settlement; in fact it was more than I expected. Overall, it was a very smooth experience, and I would choose Cynthia Hennessey again if I ever need an injury lawyer.

Very Nice Law Firm

Posted by Elmer Devino on 16-Feb-2012
hired Cynthia to represent me in 2010. I fell on ice at work and tore my rotator cuff all the way through. I was tired of dealing with the insurance company claims adjuster. She just wasn’t that nice, she never returned my calls, kept delaying things. It was so nice to just hand the whole mess to Cynthia. She met with me personally, spent a long time getting to know me, and worked my case quickly and professionally. She and her staff are just plain nice to work with, always friendly, easy to talk to, and I always felt comfortable asking questions, and talking to them. We just settled this week, and I am very happy with the settlement. In fact, it is quite a bit more than I ever expected. I would hire Cynthia again.

Very Nice Lawyer

Posted by Robbiest on 24-Feb-2012
Cynthia was very, very nice to me and my husband. I hurt my back and I first hired a law firm off of the TV commercials. It was terrible. All I ever got to talk to was a secretary, and couldn’t get anyone to answer my questions. I never even met the lawyer, and I felt like no one was fighting for me. I went to see Cynthia Hennessey at the Workers’ Comp 101 seminar for Injured Workers and I asked her immediately to take my case over. I fired the lawyer I had. Cynthia met with us for 2 hours, she filed a hardship for my benefits, and fought in court and won. I was very impressed when she gave me her cell phone number, I could text or call her anytime I had a question and always got a quick response. I don’t think the first lawyer ever even knew who I was. Cynthia treated us very personally. I will definitely call her if I ever get hurt again or if I know anyone who gets hurt.