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Seeking Compensation after Amputation Injuries

By Boohoff Law P.A.  May. 13, 2011 4:56p

Amputation injuries refer to the loss of a portion of a limb to an entire body part. Amputations include the severing of an arm, hand, finger, ear, nose, leg or toe, in whole, or in part. Aside from disease or the spread of infection, most amputation injuries occur as a result of an unfortunate accident. A limb can be torn by a machine as in a workplace accident, or it can be ripped off in a car accident. Sometimes a victim is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, only for the attending physician to decide to amputate.

When a victim loses a limb through amputation, whether elected or not, he or she typically suffers from emotional trauma in addition to the physical trauma. It is not uncommon for amputation victims to suffer from depression and other psychological ailments immediately after amputation. Losing a body part such as a hand, arm or leg requires considerable adjustment both physically and mentally for the victim. If you have suffered from an amputation injury, contact a Brandon personal injury attorney today.

This adjustment is not immediate. For some, the patient must rearrange and adapt nearly every aspect of their life in order to become accustomed to the loss of a limb. Things we take for granted like driving, become nearly impossible with the loss of a leg. Or if one typed for a living and they lost an arm or a hand, it can be impossible to continue working in the line of work that the victim previously used to support themselves and their family.

Amputations can cost a fortune over a lifetime, requiring surgery, in some cases prosthetics, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, special handicapped vehicles, and the installation of wheelchair ramps in one's home. Some people have to sell their home and purchase a one story house while others choose to install a wheelchair accessible elevator in their home instead. Making the world around you adapt to your amputation injury can prove to be costly. Aside from the monetary costs of amputation injuries, the psychological effects can be equally devastating. Amputees can become introverted, embarrassed and fearful of being stared at or always being asked what happened to them.

Brandon Amputation Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered from an amputation injury, you might be entitled to compensation from the legally liable party. Contact a Brandon amputation attorney from Boohoff Law P.A. for help.

Contact a Brandon amputation lawyer from our firm for a free consultation.

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