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Man Sues Bar with History of Violent Incidents

A man that was badly beaten in a bar brawl has named the bar in a personal injury lawsuit. This is not the establishment's first lawsuit. The plaintiff has also three men that he states caused him to suffer with a broken jaw and other injuries, as reported by The Advocate.

The injured bar patron, B.G., is also the son of East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff S.G.

Named as defendants are the City Bar of Baton Rouge and three Livingston Parish residents.

The suit claims that City Bar has "a multitude of prior incidents" in which bar patrons have been injured, partly due to the bar's policy of admitting people that are "known to have dangerous propensities." Furthermore "City Bar did not have sufficient security to maintain a safe environment for patrons within the two-level premises. There was only one security personnel saddled with maintaining the peace in the very crowded area of City Bar's upper level."

On the evening of August 24 the suit alleges that the bar "was overcrowded with patrons who were being served alcohol."

There was one bouncer responsible for the entire premises when the bar fight broke out. Other employees working there did not offer the bouncer any assistance. The plaintiff was "caught up in the middle of the fracas" and subsequently the recipient of several blows.

While beaten and laying on the ground B.G. was continually struck though he did not fight back or offer "any type of resistance." The beating continued, unabated, until B.G. was left with "serious, disabling and permanent personal injuries."

The three men that allegedly beat B.G. are currently facing criminal charges: H.H. was booked for second-degree battery in allegedly breaking B.G.'s jaw; B.K. was charged with simple battery; K.S. was also charged with simple battery.

Court records show that City Bar has been sued two other times in the same year as B.G.'s suit. One of the lawsuits filed before B.G.'s also claims that the bar failed to provide a safe environment for its customers. The other suit, filed by the bar's former bouncer, alleges that he was injured by a bar customer.

B.H., the bar's owner, has been accused of failing to oblige in paying for his former bouncer's medical treatment.

B.H., and his attorney, have failed to return phone calls from reporters seeking comment.

Baton Rouge police officers have stepped up their patrol for all bars in the downtown area for the past few months, and told reporters that they had visited City Bar many times in 2013. Police spokeswoman Sgt. Mary Ann Godawa commented, "It's gotten a lot quieter since we started that. It's a good place to go now."

If you have been hurt in a bar, or any kind of establishment, contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and sue for damages! Oftentimes a jury will assess your needs and decide on a monetary award to defray your medical costs, and other expenses related to your injury.

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