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School Sued for Failure to Protect Student From Sexual Harassment the Led to Suicide

A high school student that committed suicide two years ago is now the subject of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by his mother, against his school district, and others, for their negligence, as reported by the Greensburg Daily News and other media outlets.

The suit names Greensburg Community Schools (GCS) and four of its employees for negligence that led to the suicide of Greensburg Community High School student B.L., who was 15 years-old at the time of his death.

The suit was filed by B.L.'s mother, A.L., on September 4 in U.S. District Court Indianapolis Division.

Defendants are listed as: Greensburg Community School Corporation, former Greensburg Junior High School (GJHS) principal Dr. R.K., former GJHS assistant principal and current principal D.S., and GJHS teachers I.R. and D.K.

Over the many years that B.L. attended school in the GCS district, the suit states that he was "subjected to relentless harassment, ridicule and bullying." The bullying tactics, according to the suit, were due to students believing that B.L. was gay, displaying effeminate mannerisms, his ethnicity, and his learning difficulties.

B.L. suffered with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the school had given him an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to better assist him with his studies at school.

In regards to his alleged sexual preferences, the suit states that B.L. "had a right to be free from sexual harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation while in any educational program or activity that receives federal financial assistance."

The suit alleges that both teachers, I.R. and D.K., failed to stop students that they witnessed bullying B.L. and that they themselves participated in verbal insults.

The suit states that on one occasion D.K. said to B.L., "If someone beat you up, I wouldn't know whether to give him an award or suspend him."

D.K. and B.L. are also referred to in the suit for discriminating against B.L. due to placing him within "three definable classes: disability, ethnicity and his perceived sexual orientation."

The district is noted for its negligence in having "actual knowledge that (B.L.) was being subjected to sexual harassment and bullying by other students" and for its failure to "exercise reasonable care." These factors, contend the suit, contributed to B.L. being at risk for both self-injury and suicide.

The suit states, "The District failed to take reasonable measures to prevent (B.L.) from being subjected to bullying when he was at school or a school-sponsored activity. As a direct result of the District's negligence, (B.L.) committed suicide."

A.L. is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, as well as attorney fees and other costs associated with the lawsuit.

Indianapolis-based attorney Thomas W. Blessing is representing A.L. in the suit.

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