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Disastrous Plane Crash Sends Married Couple to their Death

Airplane accidents are prevalent in the U.S., where much of trans-state travel is done above the ground. According to one source, approximately 12.25 people die for every million hours that a plane is in the air. The majority of these accidents occur during takeoff or the cruising portion of the flight. Many of the horrible plan flight crashes that make local headlines occur regarding a private plane, rather than a commercial flight. In a recent instance, a couple from Lafayette became the newest addition to the airline fatality statistics when their small plane crashed while they were skirting the mountains of Utah.

The husband on the flight was a well-known local developer and the California Bank of Commerce Director. The couple was flying from Danville to Aspen, Colorado for business but never arrived. Family members called the authorities with concern, and a search party went out to discover where the couple could have disappeared. It remains of the private jet were strewn across Sevier County, Utah. Investigators are still trying to determine the reason for the crash.

The California Bank closed their doors until Thursday, so that they can mourn the loss of one of their primary members. Investigators want to determine whether or not the plane failed to fly because of a manufacturing error, or if the pilot was unable to operate the plane for another reason. Weather is not believed to be a factor. If your loved one perished in a plane crash, the loss is doubtless devastating. If someone else was at fault for the death of your loved one, then you should seek damages. You may be able to get millions for your pain and suffering. While this will never bring your loved one back, you may be able to get away on a restful vacation with your damages in order to grieve about your friend or relative in peace. Talk to a personal injury lawyer for more information.

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