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News Anchor Attacked on TV by Dog

A news anchor that was attacked on live TV by a dog has returned to work. However, the damage caused by the attack was evident by the scars near her mouth. K.D. was speaking with a firefighter and the dog's owner on a local news show about a rescue mission. The firefighter had gone into icy waters to rescue the dog that had fallen in and could not get back to shore. For some reason, the 85-pound Argentine Mastiff turned on the anchor woman and bit her face. Since receiving the dog bite, she has undergone two surgeries and received a total of 90 stitches

It took several weeks of recovery before K.D. could speak without difficulty. However, doctors say that it could take months until she regains sensation in her lips. Despite the attack, the news anchor said that she is glad that the dog has been returned to its owner after spending 10 days in mandatory quarantine. Are you a dog bite victim? Now is the time to discuss your legal options with a personal injury lawyer in your city that handles dog attack cases.

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