Latest News 2012 April Cover Up and Abuse Alleged in Police Shooting of College Student

Cover Up and Abuse Alleged in Police Shooting of College Student

As reported by the San Francisco Gate, and other newspapers, the family of a college student killed by police have filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging that the Pasadena police department covered up its error in shooting their unarmed son.

The suit also alleges that there is a pattern of abuse within the police department.

The suit is filed by K.M. and A.S., parents of their slain son, Kendrec, 19, during a police shooting on March 24.

In turn, the Pasadena police department, as alleged in the suit, have claimed that the blame falls on a man that reported he was robbed by two men at gunpoint. A 911 dispatched call from O.C., reporting the armed robbery, made them believe that Kendrec was armed when they discovered him in an alley.

When Kendrec appeared to be making a motion near the waistband of his pants, police opened fire, killing him.

Kendrec later proved not to have a weapon and, O.C. admitted to lying about the gun.

The suit further contends that there is a pattern of police killings of black people in Pasadena. Mentioned in the suit is L.B. Jr., a man shot 11 times by Pasadena police in 2009.

Officer J.N. shot Kendrec after chasing him and Officer M.G. shot him from his police cruiser, as alleged in the lawsuit, but the young man was never told to halt. Police reports also show that there is no statement detailing Kendrec as defying any police-issued orders.

A.S. told reporters that the police officers took away “her baby”. She had given birth to her third child a week before Kendrec’s death.

A.S. continued, “I want the world to know that he's not what the Pasadena police has portrayed him to be. He was one of those kids who stayed in school. I don't believe he did anything wrong. I think he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

K.M., the young man’s father, said through tears, “The hardest thing was to call Kendrec's mother and tell her that we lost our son,. He doesn't get to watch his little brother grow up. The only thing that was kind of a blessing is that he did get a chance to see his little brother, to hold him and enjoy him for one week.”

In expressing his anger over the actions of the police department, K.M. said, “How can I put my trust in a system that doesn't ever work for us?”

K.M. does, however, agree with the police on one thing: O.C. should have never reported being held at gunpoint in a robbery if there wasn’t a gun. But, he sees it only as a contributing factor, not what caused the two officers to make the decision to shoot his son.

Named in the suit, seeking unspecified damages, are Pasadena police Chief P.S., detective K.G., Officers J.N. and M.G.

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