Latest News 2011 March Bus Strikes Disabled Vehicle

Bus Strikes Disabled Vehicle

Tragedy struck when a tour bus hit a disabled vehicle, killing one man and injuring several more.

According to Lackawanna County 911 Supervisor Michael Kelechowa, the crash occurred around 11 p.m. on Sunday on Interstate 380 near Scranton. When a Martz bus collided with a disabled car, the man standing by the car was killed immediately. The car had actually been one of two vehicles that had been involved in a minor fender bender that happened as a result of the stormy conditions.

Unfortunately for the 41-year-old man standing by his disabled vehicle, "he happened to be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time," according to County Coroner Tim Rowland.

After striking the car the bus rolled onto its side, injuring several of the passengers inside.

At this time county officials are not releasing the victim's name to the press until his immediate family has been notified. An autopsy will be performed on the victim later this week.

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