Latest News 2010 February Multi-Vehicle Accident Kills Family of Four

Multi-Vehicle Accident Kills Family of Four

On February 13, 2010, a family was killed when their car was crushed between two big rigs and then caught on fire in Ontario, California. The California Highway Patrol has stated that the family's car was involved in a six car pileup that left three other people with minor injuries. It has not been stated what caused the multi-vehicle accident, but the family was near the end of the chain reaction of crashes and were all declared dead at the scene.

When anyone is injured or killed in a car accident, it is incredibly tragic. Beyond dealing with injuries, you will have to deal with the emotional trauma and financial strain that these multi-vehicle accidents can cause. No one should have to suffer in any way when another person's negligence is the cause of the accident. Medical bills, lost work wages, vehicle damages and other costs should not be something you are dealing with on top of your injuries.

With the help of a multi-vehicle accident attorney, you can begin to pursue financial compensation in order to resolve your case and hold the guilty party responsible. Please  contact our multi-vehicle accident lawyer today to begin discussing your case and moving forward with your life.