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Product liability is a term that refers to a civil case involving a defective or dangerous product that has caused a consumer injury. The injured consumer may be able to hold the manufacturer, distributor or retailer accountable, depending on the case. Manufacturers may be held strictly liable for injuries caused by defective products that they have released, meaning the injured consumer does not need to prove specific negligence on the part of the manufacturer in order to seek financial compensation. The injured consumer need only prove that the product was defective, that they were injured and that the defect in the product was the cause of their injuries.

You can learn more about product liability claims and your rights as a consumer by involving a qualified attorney. These legal matters have the potential to be complex, and you may find that you are going up against a large manufacturer with considerable resources to counter their claim. In finding a skilled lawyer, you can feel confident that you have a professional to help you seek a fair result.

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