If parasites were found in pancake batter at a grocery store and was ate, what can we do?

i purchased pancake batter at a grocery store and i cook a few pancakes of what i thought was a blueberry i gave my fiance one he eat it and i continued making more and thats when i called my fiance in the kitchen to check the batter after i asked him if he thinks that is a bug or what? so he proceeds to pour the pancake batter out onto a paper plate and and live parasites were running out the batter. so he went upstair and vomit up the pancakes and from that point he went to the store and told the store what took place.

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Food contamination is unfortunately very common in today’s society. many times the contamination is caused by a lack of cleanliness at the manufacturing location or other acts of negligence on behalf of the company. No person deserves to have their morning breakfast ruined over discovering live parasites crawling into heir foods, not only is that flat out disgusting, it can place you very life at risk had it not been caught immediately. When dealing with parasites, generally found in raw meats, it is often because when the product was being produced it wasn't brought up to the proper temperatures to kill the parasites. Contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your situation, it is very likely indeed that it is a case worth pursuing. Not only can you fight to receive the compensation hat you deserve, but you may also help save someone in the future from contamination. A parasite that is left unexamined may lead to serious health complications, and in some situations death. Don’t wait another moment to take legal action, call an attorney today!

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