I slipped at the library; are they at fault for my fracture?

Last week when i left the restroom at the library I slipped on the wet floor and fell really hard. I had to go to the emergency room and it turned out my wrist was fractured. The puddle was from the drinking fountain and I didn't see a sign about a wet floor. Can i sue the library for my medical bills? I don't have insurance.

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With the help of a personal injury attorney, you may be able to seek compensation through a premises liability claim. The library does have a responsibility to protect its patrons from injury, and the failure to fix the leaking drinking fountain or clean up the puddle and post warning signs could make them liable for your injuries. You should contact a lawyer in your state to talk about your accident and learn if you have grounds for an injury claim.
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If you were injured in a public location like a library, there is certainly a possibility that you can be compensated for your pain. In order to start litigation, it is essential that you hire an accomplished personal injury attorney in your area. You will want the situation to be investigated, may need to interview witnesses, and may want to probe and determine if others have been injured because of the same slippery hazard at your library. A personal injury attorney can help you to accomplish all of these efforts as well as other activities that are association with your case. If you have been injured and can prove that the accident would have been preventable if the library personnel would have taken reasonable effort to maintain their property, then you may have the right to compensation. You will want to prove that there was no warning nearby showing that you needed to walk with care or that the floor was slippery. If you cannot detect any previous warnings, then talk to a slip & fall attorney about seeking compensation from the library.

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