Willens Law Offices Articles The Important Role of the Police Report in a Chicago Car Accident Claim

The Important Role of the Police Report in a Chicago Car Accident Claim

By Matthew Willens  Dec. 30, 2015 8:59a

The moments leading up to a car crash are often not easily recalled for those involved. For some, it comes as a surprise as a car rams into their bumper from behind. In crashes that you see coming, time slows, as you brace for the inevitable impact.

After a Chicago car accident there is a flurry of activity as you check to make sure that you and any passengers are not suffering grave injuries. The how and why are not important to you yet, as you focus on getting out of harm's way and seeking medical attention. It is for this reason that a Chicago personal injury Willens Law will always recommend that you call for emergency services immediately following a car accident. A trained police officer may be able to tell from looking at the position of the cars and the areas of impact the why and how the accident occurred.

Why the Why and How are Critical to Your Chicago Claim for Compensation

In order for a car accident lawsuit to be successful, you must be able to prove that the other driver (or another entity) were negligent. In other words, their purposeful action must be the reason for the accident and any injury you sustained from it. Maybe they were speeding, or texting and driving, directly causing you to crash. If you are unable to at least show how they were at fault, you will not win your car accident claim.

You might not know why they blew the stop sign, or made a left hand turn into oncoming traffic. In many cases you may not even know how the accident happened at all. A Chicago police officer will have a better understanding of why the accident happened after surveying the scene and taking witness reports.

The Chicago Car Accident Police Report

The police officers called to the scene will have the responsibility of putting all of their observations into a public report. This will include any facts that they noted which point to the cause of the accident. You are within your rights to request a copy of this report, which your Chicago car accident lawyer will want to see.

Not only will a police report have the date and time of the accident, it will give a description of the vehicles involved, their positions on the highway, where any damage was noted and how extensive that damage is. They should also make note of any skid marks in the road, or damage to fixed objects like utility poles or guard rails.

With all of these details laid out, a personal injury attorney Matt Willens will be able to help prove who was liable for the accident. This information can be used as leverage when negotiating with the insurance adjustors for a fair settlement amount.

Make a point to obtain a copy of your police report after a car accident and bring it with you to your first meeting with your attorney.

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