Willens Law Offices Articles Are ATVs and Electric Cars Riskier Than We Think? - Chicago Lawyers

Are ATVs and Electric Cars Riskier Than We Think? - Chicago Lawyers

By Matthew Willens  Dec. 5, 2016 6:28p

Although all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) and electric cars do not form a part of the majority of the vehicles plying American roads, they are not uncommon. Families often purchase ATVs for recreational purposes, allowing minors to operate them. Electric cars are known for reducing carbon emissions; however, they use high voltage batteries. Both types of vehicles are potentially risky for causing accidents and severe injuries.

Risks Associated with ATVs

Being recreational vehicles, ATV’s are mostly seen out and about during holidays and school breaks. Many ATV owners use them on paved roads that ATVs are not fit to ride on. Another concern that these vehicles are associated with, are underage drivers. In spite of ATV manufacturers warning owners that ATV’s are not meant for children below the age of 6, a large number of ATV related accidents include toddlers. ATV’s are known to cause grave injuries like injured spleens, liver ruptures, limb injuries and amputations, and brain damage.

ATV injury statistics

ATV’s are risky for those who do not know how to maneuver them. The following statistics draw attention to the gravity of the situation.

* According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), ATV’s are responsible for 800 fatalities and 135,000 injuries annually.

* About 13 fatalities and over 2,900 injuries occurred on the Memorial Day weekend of 2015.

* Between 2009 and 2013, 852 out of 1,243 fatal ATV crashes took place on paved public roads, representing about 60% of all fatal ATV crashes.

* 90% of child ATV injuries were caused due to risky driving habits

* All-terrain vehicles are known to have a higher mortality rate than other off-road vehicles.

Electric cars and associated risks

The design features of electric cars are a cause of concern for many. When electric cars are involved in on-road accidents, the battery of the car may blow up. This severely increases the risks of severe burn injuries in electric car accidents.

Safety first

Precaution is always better. Drivers of electric cars should be aware of the risks these vehicles expose them and their loved ones to. When it comes to ATV owners, they should

* Opt for ATV’s based on the size of the rider.

* Refrain from riding ATV’s on paved roads.

* Adhere to proper safety guidelines and opt for safety trainings that are conducted across the country.

* Always wear protective gear like helmets while riding the ATV.

* Refrain from carrying passengers.

* Stick to age restrictions and supervise children drivers to avoid dangerous driving habits.

Due to the complexities involving ATV’s and electric cars, accident victims should consult a Chicago personal injury attorney for filing claim for compensation.

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