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10 Ways to Teach Your Child About Pedestrian Safety

By Matthew Willens  May. 26, 2016 1:39p

Pedestrian safety is an essential practice for people of all ages. Practicing pedestrian safety is perhaps, most crucial for children. We all teach our children the importance of road safety from a very young age. Yet many children make mistakes while on the road. These mistakes can at times come at a very big cost, in the form of road accidents.

While all pedestrians face risks of accidents, in Chicago the rate at which young ones fall victim to accidents is disproportionately large. This brings up questions like, “Are we, as parents, doing enough to keep our children safe on roads?”, “Do children adhere to warnings and teachings about road safety?”, and “what can be done to ensure children practice pedestrian safety?”

In Illinois, the law gives pedestrians the right of way. Our Chicago car accident lawyer explains that motorists are expected to yield to pedestrians and that pedestrians should be given priority on roads. In spite of such measures, erring motorists who refuse to yield, ignore speed limits, indulge in distracted driving, or drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs are a serious are a threat to pedestrians, especially children and increase the risks of injury to minor pedestrians on the road.

Ways to ensure child pedestrian safety

  • Talk to your children about pedestrian safety irrespective of their age. It is essential to talk to them about pedestrian safety from the time they start walking, right up till they are in their teens.

  • For small children, start by teaching them basics. Teach them that they should never cross roads without the guidance of an adult.

  • As they grow older, establishing guidelines and rules about road crossing is essential. While they can be allowed to walk on sidewalks, crossing busy roads should not be encouraged without adults.

  • Remind teenaged children, and reinstate the fact that practicing pedestrian safety is always important and that they are never too old to follow rules.

  • Children must be taught that they should cross roads only on crosswalks and areas that are marked for pedestrians.

  • They should be able to identify and understand pedestrian traffic control signals.

  • Children should be made to understand that even though they, as pedestrians have the right of way, there could be instances where motorists will not yield.

  • If your child indulges in morning or night walks, they should be wary and also wear clothing that does not end up camouflaging them with the surroundings. This will ensure that they are visible to motorists on the road.

  • Playing in areas where cars are parked, like garages and parking spaces should be discouraged.

  • Children should be regularly reminded about pedestrian safety and rules and regulations should be reinstated from time to time.

In spite of these measures, accidents and mishaps will occur on roads. It is the duty of parents to ensure that they follow rules themselves and teach their children to ensure pedestrian safety. In case of pedestrian accidents caused by an errant motorist, parents can avail legal assistance from a qualified Chicago car wreck lawyer to ensure that they get rightful compensation.

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