Ward Smith PLLC Articles Escalator Involved in Fatal Accident Found to Have Safety Violations

Escalator Involved in Fatal Accident Found to Have Safety Violations

By Ward Smith, PLLC  May. 6, 2013 10:15a

A Metro escalator at a downtown Seattle station was involved in a fatal accident recently. According to the Seattle Police Department, the victim, 42-year-old M.B., was found unconscious and unresponsive at around 5:30 am. The individual who found the man at the bottom of the escalator used the manual stop button and called 911. He attempted to resuscitate the victim by performing CPR but was unsuccessful. Medics with the fire department arrived and also tried to resuscitate him but were also unable to and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Footage from a surveillance camera at the location showed that M.B. had gotten on the escalator heading down to the Metro station around 5:20 am. Authorities state that he appeared to be staggering and leaning on the rail of the escalator before falling onto his back. He was apparently unconscious at that point and did not try to move or get up. Once at the bottom of the escalator, his shirt began being pulled into the space where the steps go under some flashing. At this point, he tried to get up but was pulled back down onto his back as his shirt continued to be entangled into the escalator mechanism. His shirt was pulled tight around his neck and strangled him until he lost consciousness and died. If you lost a loved one or were injured yourself while on Metro property, at a home, business or similar type of location then you may have a premises liability case. Talk to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

Escalator Was Overdue for Repairs for Safety Violations

The State Department of Labor & Industries had inspected the escalator in December and ordered that repairs be made to it by the end of March. Ordered repairs included replacing broken combteeth and returning a stop-switch cover buzzer to operational condition but these repairs were not made. The investigation into the fatal accident is still underway and it has not yet been determined if these safety violations were the cause of the man's death.

Personal Injury Attorney Serving Seattle

Premises liability cases arise in instances where negligence or recklessness by a property owner resulted in injury to someone on the property. This can include slips and falls on poorly maintained walkways, stairs and others. A property owner may be liable for damages in incidents such as dog bite injuries, workplace accidents, drowning accidents, etc. Contact a dedicated and compassionate attorney with us at Ward Smith, PLLC today to schedule a time to go over your particular case. We may be able to obtain substantial compensation for your injuries or loss.

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