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About Burn Injuries

By Ward Smith  Nov. 1, 2010 1:05p

Burn injuries are one of the most catastrophic injuries a person can sustain. They wreak havoc on skin, muscle and bone alike depending upon the severity and exposure time to the cause of the burn. Burn injuries are painful and can cause irrevocable damage to a victim's body, and in severe cases can cause death. For this reason it is important that victim's contact a Seattle burn injury lawyer as soon as they possibly can to fight for compensation.

Exposure to fire, electricity, radiation, volatile chemicals, defective electrical equipment both in-home and in public establishments, mechanical equipment failures and commercial truck accidents can all cause devastating injuries which incur costly medical bills, painful surgical procedures, emotional trauma, loss of wages and other long-lasting effects.

Burns range from mildly red skin and some pain or discomfort to disfigurement and loss of life. Damage to skin, hair follicles, muscles and major arteries are common in burn cases. There are many degrees of burns, which range from slight pain to skin to completely destroyed limbs that must be amputated to save a victim's life. Skin grafts, amputation, arterial replacement and artificial limbs are some of the medical answers to burn injuries to help restore functionality and improve the physical appearance of the skin.

Burn Injury Lawyer in Seattle

Burn injuries are painful, life threatening and can alter the very way you survive. If you or a loved one has suffered the pain of a burn injury, contact Ward Smith Attorneys at Law. We have the experience to help fight for the compensation you deserve and are compassionate, patient and understanding of your individual needs and the pain your injuries have caused. Your case needs a legal team dedicated to fighting for your rights in every way possible.

Contact a Seattle Burn Injury Lawyer today for the expert legal advice you need.

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