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Good Samaritans Slain Attempting To Aid Crash Victims

By The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman, Esq.  Sep. 12, 2012 1:04p

Aftermath Of Automobile Accident Leaves Two Bystanders Dead And Six Injured

In the tragic events following a car accident in Los Angeles, two witnesses to the collision tried to rush in and help, accidentally stepping in a pool of electrified water and being fatally electrocuted. Authorities told reporters that they advise would-be Good Samaritans to exercise extreme caution at the scene of automobile accidents, telling them to call police and allow professionals to handle the situation.

The automobile collision, which took place in the evening on Wednesday, August 22nd, came about when a driver lost control of his SUV, crashing into a fire hydrant and toppling a pole carrying a power line. The downed power lines combined with the water gushing out of the hydrant to create a lethal environment that gave even the highly trained firemen at the scene pause.

Speaking to reporters, the fire chief said that the first woman on the scene stepped into a pool of the electrified water and was incapacitated almost instantly. A second woman tried to help the first, only to fatally injure herself as well. Meanwhile, the pool of water kept spreading and shocking more attempted rescuers.

Los Angeles Mayor Speaks On Behalf Of Slain Victims

As the numbers of wounded bystanders began piling up, firefighters and emergency personnel arrived and were able to assess the situation. They rescued the driver from his precarious position inside the car, and pulled the eight electrified Samaritans to safety. All but one were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, with the original two women in critical condition. The two were pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

In a statement before reporters, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa spoke glowingly of the bravery of the good Samaritans, but repeated the necessity of caution by attempted rescuers. He said that the dark had possible made it difficult to see the downed power lines, which may have fooled the bystanders into thinking the situation was safer than it tragically turned out to be.

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