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The Role of Expert Witnesses in St. Louis Car Accident Claims

By Christopher Hoffmann  Dec. 5, 2016 7:45p

Injury from a car accident may have long-term consequences on your normal life. Apart from the physical pain, you may need to deal with many other consequences, including the mental pain and suffering, and your financial requirements. You need to arrange funds for your medical expenses and ongoing expenses. You may suffer a serious injury requiring days off from work or become partially or totally disabled. On top of everything, you may be worried about whether your compensation claim will be approved.

In this article, we will discuss the role expert witnesses play in a court case involving accident injury claims. So here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about an expert witness.

Who is considered an expert witness?

In some cases, the court needs to get the opinion of qualified or experienced professionals to know about certain things involving the accident injury claim case. These professionals are considered expert witnesses. An expert witness could be a physician, a technician, an engineer or an expert in the field of traffic collision reconstruction. Only a professional who has in-depth knowledge of his/her respective field is considered an expert witness.

When do you need an expert witness?

Whether you need an expert witness depends on your case. Different types of witnesses are required for different cases. Some accident injury claim cases may not require an expert witness at all. For instance, your injuries were caused by the other driver suddenly took a wrong turn on the roads; you may need an accident reconstructionist as your expert witness to prove your point from the impression of the tires on the roads.

Why should you use an expert witness?

An expert witness can do a detailed analysis of the available evidence in an attempt to prove your point in the court. Depending on your case, you may need to present more than one expert witness to prove different points – all to build a strong case. For instance, your doctor may be an expert witness helping you prove that your injuries are a direct result of the accident, as opposed to any impact on a previous injury.

What is the cost?

Your lawyer should be able to give you a fair idea about the amount you may need to pay to an expert witness. Depending on the terms of your contract with the lawyer, he may even shoulder any expenses relating to expert witnesses.

Do expert witnesses increase your chance of getting a higher settlement amount?

It certainly helps in many cases. However, whether you really have any chance of getting a higher settlement amount depends on a number of factors. Speaking with a St. Louis car accident lawyer is your first step towards getting the compensation you are entitled to after an accident.

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