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Physical Therapy After a St. Louis Car Accident

By Christopher Hoffmann  Oct. 10, 2018 5:40p

If your car accident injury is severe enough, you may decide to see a physical therapist (PT). When you do, you will likely have a much better shot at returning to your former health and living a regular life again. Additionally, you and your St. Louis car accident attorney may be able to get this medical expense paid in your personal injury case. Here is how a physical therapist may help you after a car accident.


Though you will see a doctor before any other medical professional, you may not get the answers you’re looking for right away. Instead, your physical therapist might be the one that explains your injuries to you in a way you understand. For many, learning about what is happening in their body and how they can fix it is preferable to blindly following a treatment plan.

Strengthen the Injured Area

After sustaining severe damages, your first instinct might be to rest until you get better. Unfortunately, doing so can weaken the injured area and the rest of your body. After trying to become active again, you may suffer another injury. The best way to avoid this setback is through targeted exercises that push you just far enough to make you strong without getting hurt again. Following this method is best supervised by a trained physical therapist who will know what your limits are and keep you safe.

Stay Safe in Day to Day Life

The next thing a PT can do is tell you how to carry out general life activities safely. While exercising correctly is essential, you also must protect yourself throughout your daily life. When you see a PT, they will give you guidelines on what actions to take and what your physical limitations are. As an example, they might recommend you get help bringing in your groceries rather than putting that strain on your body.

Manual Therapy

After assessing your injuries, the PT might decide that you could benefit from manual therapy. This classification includes treatments like massage, lymphatic drainage, and stretching. The purpose of doing so is to achieve outcomes like increased flexibility, reduced pain, and to lessen swelling.

Getting injured in a car accident is always a traumatic experience. Fortunately, there are many professionals that can help you set your life back in order. One of them is a physical therapist, who can guide you to optimal health. The next is a St. Louis car accident attorney, who will help you obtain compensation to pay for that treatment. It is our hope that with the help of this team, you can come back from your damages stronger than you were before.

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