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Losing a Limb in a St. Louis Auto Accident

By Chistopher Hoffmann  Jul. 18, 2019 10:28a

Of all the possible side effects of car accidents, amputations (losing a limb) may be the one that unsettles most people. Losing a limb is not just a physical consequence of the vehicle collision. In a lot of cases, victims can lose their job and have a lowered quality of life because of it.

All the injuries you sustain as a result of a car accident should be compensated. The state imposes mandatory auto insurance to protect your rights.

Understanding the Impact of Your Injuries

When the car collision is particularly violent, there is a possibility of amputation of a limb. Moreover, amputations can also result later, from surgery complications or other conditions caused by the accident. Anything that affects blood flow to your extremities could, unfortunately, require a limb or body part to be amputated to save your life.

Amputations can also strain your financial situation because in most cases they require additional treatment for a patient to get better. For instance, patients with a severed leg may have to partake in physical therapy and learn how to walk with a prosthetic. The prosthetic itself can also be quite expensive, depending on the type you need.

To make matters worse, you may not have the ability to pay for it anymore. People with amputations often need to look for a different place of employment if their new disability prevents them from carrying out their usual tasks. When you look at the bottom line, it’s easy to see just how much a severed limb can negatively affect someone’s entire livelihood.

How to Get Compensated

In a car accident claim, you are essentially saying the other driver’s negligent actions caused you harm. As a result, they are liable for covering yourmedical costs. To get these payments, you’ll need to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

It’s also possible to cover the cost of treatment through your own auto insurance or health insurance in the meantime, but you should not skip on filing a claim against the at-fault driver.

Unfortunately, the process of getting compensated won’t be simple. You’ll have to provide the insurance company with sufficient evidence that backs up your claim and negotiate a fair settlement. The company will always try to offer the lowest amount possible and try to save money, so you should never accept the initial offer on the spot. Have a St. Louis car injury attorney review it beforehand.

What Now?

Speak with a St. Louis car accident lawyer and have them take over all these proceedings and negotiate on your behalf. Your settlement needs to account for medical bills, subsequent treatment, and even time off work. In the case of amputations, the sum can be quite large, and you don’t want the insurance company to pull any tricks to lower it.

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