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Liability in a Hit-and-Run Accident Involving a Stolen Car - St. Louis Injury Attorney

By Christopher Hoffmann  Dec. 18, 2017 9:41a

If someone steals your car and is at fault in a hit-and-run accident, then you generally hold no liability for any damages that result. The person who stole your car is criminally responsible - not just for the theft of your car, but also for being negligent and liable in the car accident. The bad news is that even if you are not at fault in the accident, that doesn’t mean that the other party might not try to sue you to have their damages and injuries covered.

If your car was stolen and someone was hit and injured, then you generally bear no responsibility for the accident. In addition, your insurance company has no responsibility to pay for any injuries or damages to the third party. You aren’t liable because since you did not give someone permission to use your car, you won’t be held responsible through vicarious liability. Secondly, you aren’t responsible because the person who stole your car was committing a criminal act in the car’s theft.

The problem is that the person who is injured has very little recourse unless their own insurance will cover the cost. If you knew the person who stole your car, then things can quickly get more complex. If the other driver sues you because they are seeking compensation, then you will have to have proof that the person stole your car and that you did not give them permission to take the vehicle.

If youlend your car to someone, then you could be responsible for any damages and injuries due to vicarious liability. When you lend your car to someone else, and they are at fault in an accident, then you may be held liable for the accident. The best way to prove that your car was actually stolen is to file a police report. If you notice that your car has been stolen, whether by someone you know or not, it is imperative that you call the police immediately and let them know.

The best way to truly prove that you didn’t give permission for someone to take your car is to have a police report on file. If the person is someone you don’t know, then it is going to be a lot easier to prove that they stole the car and didn’t have permission than it would be if it was someone you knew and you didn’t call the police to report the vehicle theft.

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