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Improper Passing on a Two Lane Road

By Christopher Hoffmann  Mar. 14, 2015 11:05a

Improper passing on a two lane road can be extremely dangerous, resulting in serious injuries or even a fatal car accident.

Passing another vehicle on a two lane road is a difficult maneuver to master. Being in the opposite lane with incoming traffic can be dangerous; you have to be cautious, be patient, and make a sound judgment before attempting to pass.

Misjudging Speed and Distance

Many crashes happen because the driver misjudges the speed of the incoming car or miscalculates the distance required to complete the maneuver safely. Other accident scenarios involve a collision between a car coming out of an intersection and a car attempting to pass another vehicle. Accidents are caused when you start to pass at the time when the car behind you is already in the process of passing you. The key to driving safely on a two lane road is to wait and observe the opposing lane and pass the car in front only when there is sufficient time and space.

Observe the Lane Markings

Lane markings can provide indications about the time and space available for passing. If the lane marking is a solid line, do not attempt to pass as you will not be able to see vehicles approaching from the opposite lane and the situation can turn dangerous if you start to pass and there is an incoming vehicle in the opposite lane.

Dashed lines indicate a safe zone and you can easily pass the vehicle ahead of you. Dashed lines are used as lane markers in areas where the road is straight and there are no intersections and merging traffic. It is safe to pass when the vehicles ahead of you are traveling at speeds below the speed limit.

Have Patience

Passing on two lane roads can be extremely difficult and even dangerous at times, leading to a head on collision. The high speed of the vehicles poses a grave danger as an accident that occurs at high speeds can result in severe injuries and can even be fatal. Do not attempt to pass a vehicle if you do not have enough time or you think the passing distance is inadequate. You should attempt a pass only when you see that the opposing lane is clear of any traffic, there is sufficient time, the lane markings are dashed, there are no intersections ahead of you, and there is no car behind you trying to pass you at the same moment.

If you have been involved in an accident caused by improper passing on a two lane road, immediately consult a St. Louis auto accident lawyer to discuss your case. Call The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242. We will educate you of your rights and help you recover any damages you are entitled to.

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