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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Mar. 30, 2015 11:15a

Larger vehicle such as commercial trucks present unique risks to smaller vehicles and their passengers. In order to prevent any accidents, it is important for the truck drivers to be aware of the risks posed by their large vehicles, and the car drivers too need be extra cautious when driving around them. Even small errors on the part of the driver such as failing to singal a turn, or failing to check for vehicles in blind spots can have catastrophic consequences when a large commercial truck is involved.

Accidents Caused by the Negligence of Truck Drivers

Truck drivers undergo rigorous training and practice to become eligible for driving commercial vehicles on US roads. However, owing to the huge weight and size of the trucks there are some inherent dangers posed by them. Apart from this, the working conditions and characteristics inherent in the business also increase the risk of accidents. These factors include:

· Inadequate training and skill levels as to defensive driving, safety concerns, and driving technique

· Unrealistic driving schedules of trucking companies that expect drivers to work long hours, and hurry

· Compensation systems that encourage drivers to drive at unreasonably high speeds and put in long hours of operation that causes fatigue

Accidents Caused by Drivers of Passenger Vehicles

Many car accidents involving trucks are caused by the negligence of car drivers. Unsafe driving habits such as ignoring the truck’s performance abilities, not being aware of the blind spots, or recklessness are common cause behind many accidents. Some of the negligent acts committed by car drivers when driving around large trucks include:

· Driving in the blind spots, the areas beside and behind the truck where the driver has limited or no visibility

· Unsafe lane changes

· Entering the right side of the truck that is attempting a right turn

· Failure to calculate the speed of the approaching truck at an intersection, and attempting a left turn in front of it

· Improper merging, causing the truck to apply brakes abruptly

· Failure to speed up or slow down when the truck in the front is trying to merge or change lanes

· Unsafe passing, trying to pass with insufficient headway

· Passing a large truck and getting blown away by air turbulence

· Driving in between large trucks

· Pulling into traffic in front of a large vehicle without speeding up sufficiently

Accidents between trucks and cars often result in severe vehicle damage and serious injuries and even fatalities. If you have been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of a truck driver, you are entitled to claim compensation for all the damages you have suffered in the accident. However, dealing with trucking companies and their insurance companies can be quite tricky. So, it is important to seek help of an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney, who help get the compensation that you deserve.

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