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Car Wreck Resulting from a Medical Condition - St. Louis Lawyers

By Christopher Hoffmann  Feb. 2, 2017 9:05a

Car accidents are not always a result of someone’s negligence. They can also be caused by a medical condition that affected the person’s quality of driving. While such accidents are not too common, they do occur. It is therefore important for everyone to be aware of the conditions that increase accident risk. In this post, our St. Louis car wreck lawyer will discuss some of these conditions.


Seizures can cause lapses in consciousness, and impair the faculties that are needed to drive safely. Some seizure medications are known to known drowsiness, which can increase the risk of a crash. In Missouri, drivers need to be seizure-free for at least six months to be licensed.


A stroke is a medical condition characterized by rapid loss of brain function due to interruption of blood flow to the brain. When a stroke occurs, the brain cannot function and the body is unable to move one of both limbs on one side of the body. A stroke can also affect the ability to see through one eye. This impaired movement and vision and inhibit the person’s ability to drive.

Heart attack

Also known as myocardial infarction, a heart attack refers to a blockage of blood flow to the heart muscle. While there are medications available to manage this emergency, when it occurs behind the wheel, there is not much a driver can do. When a heart attack occurs, it is sudden and painful, and is often crippling, leaving the person unable to drive and increasing the risk of an accident.

Impaired vision

Vision problems can also cause accidents, because when the driver is unable to see what is in front of them, they cannot drive safely. For this reason, most states require an eye examination to review the driver’s license. This way, it can be verified that the driver can see well enough to drive, even if they use glasses or contact lenses. In Missouri, both initial and renewal applicants are required to pass a vision test. The vision standard is 20/40 or better, with or without correction, and with either or both eyes. The temporal horizontal peripheral vision in each eye should be 55 degrees or better.

Other medical conditions

There are several other medical conditions that can cause car accidents, because they take away the faculties necessary for safe driving. Some of these conditions include the medical conditions that progress with age. These include Dementia, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. These conditions can cause the driver to forget their destination, right side to drive, and the rules of the road. When someone with any of these conditions choose to drive, they not only put their own life at risk, but also endangers others on the road.

When a car accident is caused due to a medical condition, it may not always be easy to determine liability, especially if the condition occured suddenly, and the driver had no relevant medical history. If you have been involved in an accident caused by a medical condition, it is best to seek the advice of an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer.

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