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Accidents Involving Cars Crashing Into Buildings - St. Louis Attorney

By Christopher Hoffmann  Sep. 13, 2017 2:17p

These days, we often come across news of cars crashing into buildings. It is estimated that an average number of 60 such accidents occur every day. Over 500 people were killed in the US in one year when the cars crashed into restaurants, office buildings and retail outlets. St. Louis car accident lawyer discusses some facts on these types of accidents.

Shocking Number Of Fatalities

Records show that in US, in 2013 the number of deaths caused due to earthquakes was 0, tornadoes was 55 and lightning strikes was 23 while more than 500 people died in car into building crashes. This number is appalling. Car crash fatalities are many times more than the ones caused due to the fury of nature.

Reasons For Such Crashes

An analysis of the reasons for the occurrence of such car crashes shows that just 7% of them are caused due to Ram raid. Medical reasons occupy the next place (i.e. 8%). After that come the traffic accidents which lead to 12% of the accidents. 17% of the mishaps take place due to operator error. DUI is responsible for 20% of the crashes and occupies the second highest place. The maximum number of car into building crashes occur due to pedal error (i.e. 36%).

Pedal error can be caused due to a foot slip. 57% of the accidents caused due to pedal error are because of a foot slip while 43% of them occur when the driver presses the wrong pedal. Generally, seniors and teen drivers commit the maximum number of pedal errors.

A comparative study of the crash locations shows that the maximum number of car into building crashes occur in commercial buildings. 23% of the accidents take place here. Even the retail stores face the same percentage of car crashes. The next important location where such accidents occur are restaurants where 19% of the accidents take place. Another 19% happen in other places. The number of crashes in convenience stores is much less, only 9% of the accidents occur here. The offices have the least percentage of accidents, and face only 7% of the crashes.

This shows that a majority of the crashes take place in buildings which are used by a large number of people. They are some of the busiest centers of commercial activity. They are the most visited places. So the number of people who suffer in such accidents is also very large.

There are plenty of chances that car into building crashes will increase in the future. Every day more than 10,000 Americans become 65 years old. Additionally, the number of drivers above the age of 85 will become more than double by 2025

Ways To Prevent A Car From Crashing Into A Building

Nose-in parking should be discouraged so that the vehicle does not move towards the building when the accelerator is hit by mistake.

The parking lots should be designed in such a way that the vehicles do not approach the store entrance directly.

Barriers should be installed near parking spaces.

If you have been injured in a car crash caused by a negligent driver, you should seek legal help from a knowledgeable and experienced St. Louis car crash lawyer.

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