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Types of Police Misconduct

By Jimmy Doan  Sep. 30, 2010 9:40a

Many law enforcement personnel are excellent public servants and operate within the law when arresting those suspected of violating the law but there are exceptions. When an officer steps out of bounds and crosses over into misconduct, then he himself is in violation of the law. Violations using excessive physical force fall into the category of being illegal and include such actions as:

  • Beating
  • Use of excessive force
  • Sexual assault

Even racial discrimination or other violations of civil rights can fall under the category of police misconduct and should be addressed. Sometimes police will enact what is called a "code of silence" between themselves which can make matters more complex and more difficult to defend. There are numerous reasons why a police officer might engage in misconduct for example:

  • Some have been working fairly consistently with criminal elements for a long period of time and are tired of seeing the constant violations of the law thereby acquiring an overall jaded view of suspects in general
  • An officer can be provoked by the suspect and reacts
  • Some officers may have an inclination toward physical violence and were attracted to police work for this reason

A police officer who feels justified in acting "above the law" is placing himself and his job in jeopardy whether he recognizes this fact, or not.

Competent Representation is Available

If your rights have been violated by police in the Houston or surrounding area, a police misconduct lawyer at the Doan Law Firm can help. These violations might include beatings, excessive force, or sexual assault and if you have been injured as a result, you may be able to get compensation for those injuries. We have the skills and experience in dealing with police misconduct cases to help you build a strong defense strategy. We can fight aggressively for your rights with the goal of acquiring compensation for your injuries and losses. An officer of the law is not given the right to also violate the law because of his position of authority.

Take Action Immediately

Taking action on an immediate basis is of the utmost importance so that evidence of the misconduct can be gathered and opportunities of it getting misplaced or even lost are eliminated. An investigation will need to be done and a personal injury case initiated against the offending officer, police force and any other parties involved in the misconduct.

Contact a Houston Police Misconduct Attorney at our office for a free consultation today.

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