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Dangerous Side Effects of Drugs Far Too Common

By Jimmy Doan  Sep. 29, 2010 9:25a

According to the trade publication Gold Sheet, which analyzed data from the FDA, drug recalls last year were up 400% over the previous year. In 2009, 1,742 medications were recalled as compared to 426 in 2008. Individual and class action lawsuits are becoming increasingly popular due to the harmful side effects people are experiencing from some of the prescription drugs that are on the market.

Even some over-the-counter drugs have recently been discovered to be harmful which were being marketed for children. Very recently, Johnson & Johnson had to recall some very common drugs they manufacture (Children's Tylenol, Motrin to name a few.) It is upsetting to find out that a source for medication you thought was trustworthy turns out to be the exact opposite, and you or a family member wind up being injured and left with a health problem that was never anticipated.

A Few Examples of Dangerous Drugs and Their Effects

Another recent example of a dangerous drug that has been in the news lately is the class action lawsuit that is still ongoing with the cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor. Known side effects and problems with the drug were withheld from the public and enough people were victimized by its ill effects that it resulted in the class action suit. An acne medication called Accutane has been recalled even though it had been on the market for years. Studies linked the medication to the development of long term bowel problems such as Chron's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The medication has also been suspect for causing depression amongst its users and possibly even suicidal tendencies. Health problems like these can cause severe consequences and compensation for the harm sustained is something one should pursue.

Get Help from a Houston Dangerous Drug Attorney

A personal injury lawyer experienced with cases like these can advise you as to what actions can be taken if you have been the victim of a dangerous or defective drug. At the Doan Law firm, we are client oriented ensuring that questions get answered, guidance is provided and concerns are addressed. We make ourselves easily available to clients in the Houston area and seek maximum compensation to help with the financial loss that you may have experienced. Dishonesty and financial gain are sometimes the more important motivation behind the marketing of many drugs and they get prescribed with too little concern of the effects on the patient.

Contact a Houston Dangerous Drug Attorney at our firm for a free consultation and we will review the details of your case.

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