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Tips on Avoiding Potentially Dangerous Toys

By Shoop Law  Oct. 17, 2011 4:46p

One can assume that the abundance of defective products coming out on the market gives reason for concern; there are websites dedicated to listing out the latest recalled products and one of these categories relates to children's products and toys.

An Example of a Recent Recall

Just recently, 58,000 children's folding tents were recalled due to laceration and puncture hazards. It was determined that the steel wire frame of the tent could  break  creating  sharp wire ends that can protrude  through the tent's fabric,  posing a hazard for laceration or puncture. Three different incidents of this were reported including one actual injury. The brand name BUSA and IKEA as well as the model number (90192009) are printed on a label which is attached to an interior seam in the tent and any consumers with this particular tent are being asked to cease using it and return it to their nearest IKEA store for a refund. The tents were sold around the nation at IKEA stores from August 2011 through the month of September 2011 for approximately $8.00.

Helpful Tips to Avoid Potential Dangers with Toys

There are specific actions parents can take to minimize the chances of their children being harmed by toys or other products:

  • Avoid jewelry which may contain lead
  • Avoid the following due to choking hazards in small children: marbles, small balls less than  1.75 inches in size, balloons, small magnets
  • Don't leave your child alone without supervision  in a crib with toys
  • Don't buy pacifiers,  teething toys, or other soft plastic items that contain Polyvinal Chloride (PVC)  due to its toxicity

Has your child been a victim of a dangerous product in Los Angeles?

If your child has been injured by a defective product in the Los Angeles or surrounding area, you need to contact a  Los Angeles personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. A product can be dangerous due to defective design or manufacturing and an experienced attorney can help determine where the error lies.  At Shoop law, product liability is our specialty.

Product Liability Specialist is Available

Attorney David R. Shoop is a nationally recognized attorney and has successfully tried and litigated numerous multi-million dollar cases representing some of the world's largest corporations and their insurers. He expanded his practice to include representing   individuals in personal injury cases with emphasis on injury caused by defective products.

We believe that companies should be held responsible for negligence when it comes to marketing their products and the victims of their errors should not be held liable for the costs.

Contact a Los Angeles dangerous product lawyer in our office for an initial free consultation and we will go over the details of your case.

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